Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Advent Bible Study

I wanted to share with you this wonderful Bible study we did before Christmas called, "Awaiting the Already" by Magrey R. deVega. 
The introduction had an illustration that was helpful for me:
The author went on a wild and wet roller coaster ride with his daughters.  He didn't want to get his camera wet so bought a throw-away camera.  

When he got home, he had to search to find a place to get the pictures developed.  He waited impatiently and when they were finally ready, he enjoyed being able to re-live the fun of the ride through the pictures.

So it is that we can study the birth of Christ every year and re-experience this joy.
**Matthew wants us to slow down to confront this hurting world, looking for Jesus, who is already here. 
**Mark wants us to trust God - slow down, turn around, and prepare the way for Jesus. 
**Luke would want us to sing of the power of this good news.

** John would want us to see the light in the midst of our darkness and become a gift for others.

I thank Rita for opening her home on Monday evenings, for being our leader, and for including me in this special group. 
Rita Cole, Her daughter: Rita Etherington, Carol Shnayer, Pat Necklen, MaryMay Angelil, Rich Necklen, Jeanette Owens, Alan Etherington.  Unable to be with us that last night:  Doug Owens, Sarah and Len Green, Donna and Stephan Lambert, Rich Lambert, Elaine Draus
It is always a blessing to share and learn with others who are striving to live our lives in a Christian way.

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