Friday, March 11, 2016

Lovely Luau

When it was announced that our next Women's Club activity was going to be a luau, I inwardly groaned because at my age, a swim suit isn't my favorite garment to wear.  But this luau was different. The theater (there are over 300 members in the Women's Club) was beautifully decorated, the food was great and the activities and entertainment were top-notch.  

The appetizer table featured a tree made of pineapples and other fruit.
(Wish I had taken a photo of the fruit appetizers added to the table.)
The monkeys were made of various fruits and were especially clever.
Once again Wendy MacArthur and Judy Pagenkop's creative skills brought joy to everyone.
I had the fun job of giving out the leis and our dancer greeted and took tickets.
 The room was beautifully decorated and made even better 
with the rich, cheerful colors of the mumus.
I had a tropical dress so wore it instead of a mumu.
They had a mumu parade and awarded prizes.  
Marcia Tarantino and Signe Lincioni won for most creative.
The Women's Club president, Linda Houlihan, ran the meeting.  
Most all of our events are fundraisers for local charities.
Our professional dancer added yet another thread of authenticity.  She danced the hulu and other types of dances.
One great advantage of decorating and planning for a group of ladies is that every detail is noticed, admired, and appreciated.  Men - not so much....!
All in all, it was a perfectly lovely luau! Aloha!

I shall try my skills to see if I can post this 34 second video.  It takes a little time to download and stopped a time or two but finally continued.

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