Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ed, the Shepherd 2001

By Mary May Barrows (Angelil)     Christmas Eve 2001 (soon after we moved from Florida to Virginia)
We are here in Virginia and somehow the days just roll by.  Ed keeps life interesting – it’s kind of like watching a whirling dervish when he enters the house.  His zest for life and enthusiasm are joyful to behold.

He was a very good Shepherd #1 for the Christmas Eve service.  He
carried a torch pole with an orange cellophane torch.  For their first scene, shepherd #2 came in first and it became his job to herd the "sheep"   (a tiny girl of about 4 years dressed in what appeared to be a rabbit costume.  It took several minutes for me to figure out that she was a sheep.)   He had a tough time trying to get her to go up onto the stage and not into the aisle. 

For their second appearance, Shepherd #1 (Ed) entered first with the tiny sheep in front of him.  I almost giggled out loud as he tried to gently nudge her along with the pole of his torch.  Even with the sheep-herding problems, Ed spoke his 3 lines perfectly and projected his voice quite well.

Both scenes dealing with this tiny sheep quite resembled how things might go if you tried to herd cats!  (Only you "cat" people can truly understand this.)

When I asked Ed afterwards why he tried to guide her with the torch pole, he said they were told quite clearly backstage not to touch the children.  Even in this tiny town we have to think of legal ramifications! 

I was really proud of Shepherd #1 and even more pleased that he consented to do it.  A nice side benefit was that Shepherd #2 is a very successful real estate/construction man and Ed had great fun discussing heating systems with him.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Brunch and Scuba Club Board Party

Two of my dive buddies, Russ and Julie Manhold, encouraged me to come down to Ft. Lauderdale for the Board party of our scuba club, the Undersea Adventurers.

I can't drive more than about 15 miles without experiencing major muscle spasms (ye ole fibromyalgia again).  It worked out that my new friend, Norma Pennie, has a daughter who lives in Ft. Lauderdale.  So Norma drove us down for the day!

We met Ed's son, Steve, daughter-in-law, Lorraine, and grandson, Sean (8) for brunch.  Norma fit right in.  We had a delightful meal!  
Sean's "my boy"!  It was a special day a few years ago when I was promoted from Ms. Mary to Grandmother Mary.  After eating, we walked a few doors down, where I met Sean's karate instructor.
We spent the afternoon with Norma's daughter, Lisa.  Turned out she lived only five minutes from the party location!

I've been a member of the Undersea Adventurers Dive Club since 1980 and those friendships are still going strong. We have those friendships where we can go years without seeing each other, then start up a conversation as if we were together yesterday. 
Julie & Russ Manhold, Kathi & Steve McCutcheon, MaryMay Angelil
This was a great day for connecting with family, new friends, and long time friends.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Elf-ateers at the Red Hat PJ Party

I considered not posting this because I was afraid it was too shocking......a PJ party?  Then I realized that the pajamas we wore to this Red Hat party were really quite conservative.  
This all started when "The Lindas" and I were in Walgreens looking at the Christmas decorations.  I found these butterflies and asked,  "If I would wear this red butterfly in my hair, wouldn't it count as a 'red hat' at one of our functions?" 

Somehow, this took off and after brainstorming for our PJ party, various shopping efforts, and a little "assembly" party, we were ready to make our debut as the Three Elf-ateers.
Our figures and sizes are just different enough that finding pajamas that would fit all three of us was a real challenge.  We got hysterical as we shopped together and tried on various possibilities.....but Linda Houlihan found these red models that worked.

Linda Ricioppo found flashing earrings and I ordered Avon slippers that blinked as we walked.
This party was also a hat decorating contest so we entered our 3 hats as one entity.......and we won for "Most Original!!" 
It was a kick to watch people as it dawned on them that we were dressed alike.

This was also one of the most fun times I've ever of those unique days.  Most of all, it was great to share such an experience with two special friends.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Besties at the Women's Club Christmas Party

I have sooo many friends in Savanna Club.  My first friends here will always hold a special place in my heart.  The pics below were taken at the Women's Club Christmas/Holiday party.
Bobbie Steinberg and MMA

Bonnie McDonnell and MMA

"The Lindas" Linda Ricioppo, MMA, Linda Houlihan

Suzanne Gibbs, MMA

MMA, Norma Pennie
Savanna Club in Port St. Lucie, FL is a good place for me to be, especially in the winter.  Most everyone is retired, they all live within a mile or two, and best of all are "ready to go play" most any day!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Parade - FL Style

Who would guess what fun a Christmas parade with golf carts could be?  People spend weeks planning their "floats."

The sheriff led the paradeThe carts (about 40 this year) were followed by cars from our Classic Car Club.
Here are a few samples:
Not sure, but this might have been The Ghost of Christmas Past, a character from "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens.

Santa, Florida style!

The cart below was one of the winners.  I'm not sure how they got the gifts to stay up there!
We had refreshments and caroling after the parade.
 Here's part of the crew who prepared the punch, coffee, and cookies for the refreshments.  That's moi on the right.
I enjoyed doing this but it did knock me flat the next day! 
(I try my best to ignore my fibromyalgia but it shows itself sometimes.)

Singing carols.
The golf cart parade was a fun way to get the Christmas/Holiday season started!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

First Holidays Alone

I've heard that those first holidays without a loved one can be difficult.  A former minister's wife from my home church in Singers Glen, VA named Rosalie Bailey sent me a booklet in the fall about preparing for those days.  Basically, it said that you can get yourself through those holidays much more smoothly if you PLAN ahead and get yourself out of your house to be with people.  That's what I did and I survived.  Thank you, Rosalie!

Day Trip to Mt. Dora

"The Lindas" (my two dear friends named Linda Houlihan and Linda Ricioppo) and I took a bus day trip to a little town in central Florida called Mt. Dora.
I've heard of Mt. Dora for years and was curious to go there.  It is known for its Christmas lights, music, and little shops.
 After supper, we continued shopping and came across dear ole Santa!
We bought a few little unusual gifts and just had a nice day with perfect weather.  
 It was great to get out of town with two of my favorite people, "The Lindas."