Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"Things to Do" Lists Are Getting Done

Mary's days lately go like this: See the doctor - check, see the dermatologist - check, see the dentist - check, get a mammogram - check, see the sleep specialist - Monday, go to my Weight Watcher's meetings - check, do some weeding - check, alter and repair some clothes - check, continue gathering items we will need in the RV - check.........

Ed's been busy trading cars and such. We decided that having 3 cars was a bit much so he researched and traded his Prius for a Chevy Malibu, which can be towed 4-wheels-down. The Ford Explorer is now for sale and available after we return from our RV rallies about the middle of June. During the time we're gone, the Chevy will have the tow bracket installed. We'll be stopping in Kansas City to have the brake light kit installed.

He placed an ad in the newspaper, which started today, for his mower. A phone call woke us at 8:15 a.m. The guy came right over, tried the mower and bought it! That surely was an easy sell and it brought enough to cover what Ed had paid for the mower and front end bucket about 2 years ago. He plans to buy a mower that's not so expensive to have for the young man who's going to mow our 2 acres. We're staying with our plan not to have a lawn so we only mow our "pasture" a few times each summer. We're sooo pleased that Grant and Morgan Rhodes will be taking that job off Ed's list of Things to Do.

Our departure for our trip out West will be in early July. I'm starting to get excited and am looking forward to hitting the road for more Angelil Adventures!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Busy with Details & Plan A

We don't know how things can stay so busy but they do. For instance, today I had my mammogram (Whoopee!) and went to work on one of our client's computers. Turns out that her computer needs to have Windows reloaded, which I don't feel secure doing without Ed's supervision. Tomorrow after his dental appointment, we'll go get her 'puter purrin' again!......if we don't freeze tonight. I covered my roses because of the 31 degree prediction - with frost.

We are still planning to go to the two RV rallies here in Virginia starting June 4th. We should be returning to Blue Bird Hill in the middle of June.

It appears that we're back to Plan A and will be going on our trip out West. We realize that there's no rush and we can take as long as we need. If we only drive 300 miles or less a day, that's OK. And if we decide to leave the Redwoods in northern CA and Oregon for another trip, that's OK, too.

I'm pleased because this also means that Ed's feeling better (he hasn't felt that bad, all things considered) and I'll get to see Mother as we go through Texas.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

RV Maintenance & Plans

Yesterday we finally had some sun and I was able to go outside and play in the dirt for a while. First I had to take Ed to pick up the RV. He got it serviced - all filters changed on the transmission, etc. - a mere $900 worth! But it won't need to be done for another 35,000 miles. Next is getting the AC fixed - the dealer approved "fixer" will be back on Friday or Saturday for that.

We're going to 2 RV rallies in June, which fall back-to-back. First, is the FMCA (Family Motor Coach Association) rally in Richmond, then the Holiday Rambler State rally in Urbanna, VA (on the eastern shore, we're not sure where but it's an area we haven't been to. I had the bright idea that maybe I could see 2 of my college roomies, Linda and Ginny, who live on the East Shore......turns out they live on a peninsula across from Urbanna but it's a 3 hour trip to get there.....They live in Parksley.)

Our big trip is on the back burner for now. I feel that we have this huge investment, largely with the goal of our trip out West, but I'm not walking in Ed's shoes - so am trying not to say much because he's got to discern what he is able to do. If we can only do some short trips here in the East, that's OK by me.

I'm excited about getting this 3-man crew to come weed, trim, mulch, and get my flowers back in shape. They'll be here in about 2 weeks and whatever they can accomplish in a day will be a great blessing. Our neighbor's son is going to mow our pasture so that's a worry off Ed's mind. There comes a time in life that we have to admit we can't do everything we used to fibromyalgia pain had really let up in Florida but, unfortunately, has shown up when I work outside. It's hard to pace myself but it appears my body is going to do it for me!

We always enjoy hearing from you. To me, one part of friendship is being willing to share the details of your life - even if they seem boring to you, they're always interesting to me!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Change in Travel Plans - Maybe

I will be posting less for a while. We're busy catching up on errands and repairs around the house - you know how it goes.....the leak under my bathroom sink, maintenance work on the RV, etc.

We're not sure about our travel plans as the 800 mile drive from Ocala, FL to Virginia wasn't easy for Ed. He doesn't let me drive because that makes him more nervous and tired than driving himself. The thought of 7,000 miles on the trip out West sounds a bit much to him right now. We are going to an RV rally in Richmond the first part of June. After that, we'll see. We're looking at doing the Redwoods in northern California as a separate trip where we fly out. Ed's also exploring the idea of swapping RVs, like they do house swaps. So, we're working on a Plan B; I still like Plan A but shortened.

Ed saw his oncologist, Dr. Robinson, on Thursday and his blood counts are looking better. Dr. R. was also pleased at how clear Ed's lungs sound. One doctor told Ed that if you have to have lung cancer, this is the best one to have because it's the least agressive. (He has non-small cell lung cancer.) He's due for a CAT scan in July and Dr. Robinson said if we're out in the hinterlands, he'll give a referral so he can get a scan. Time will tell.......

I went back to Weight Watchers - most of the weight I lost a few years ago seems to have found me.... GGggrrrrr! I have been putting away lots of salads and veggies this week. As I see it, it's all about "wet food".....veggies, fruits, yogurt, and some meat. I've pretty much got to forget about breads, cakes, pies, crackers and white foods like potatoes and bread - even strawberry shortcake!

I went out to my flowers for about 2 hours on Saturday. Harvey, a guy recommended by a friend, is coming this morning to give me an estimate to come in with his 2 men to get things trimmed, weeded, and maybe even mulched. I just don't have the strength and/or time to even get all the weeds out of the mulched areas and flower beds. But, I can't stand the thought of losing all the landscaping we put in and all the flowers I've babied along. Ed's going to hire our neighbor's son to mow our pasture - we purposely didn't have a lawn so we only mow about 4 times a summer. It's only money, right?

The good news? The SUN is out today so after Harvey leaves, I can get in some garden time. YAY!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Welcome Home Gift

When we get home, we stop down on the road in a flat area to unhook the tow car. Then we go to the top of the hill by Mother's house and back the RV into our shelter. When we got up there, there was the mower of Mother's farm tenant (Linden Rhodes) in the shelter.

I called Linden, trying not to let my voice sound irked........he said he had been doing some mowing, he wasn't expecting us until May 1st, apologized profusely, and told us where the key was so we could move it out of the way. Ed did that and put the RV in the shelter.

As we were driving down the hill towards our house, Ed said, "Look, someone mowed our lot!" (We have mulch and landscaping near the house with pasture grass on the rest of our 2 acres so we don't have to mow it but several times a year.....unlike a lawn, that needs mowing weekly or more.)

At the same instant, we realized who the mowing angel must have been...
and we felt badly that we had been irked about the mower. I called Linden immediately and he said Christie had mowed it Thursday evening.

What a wonderful welcome home gift! Thank you, Christie and Linden!

Cloudy Weather & RV Snags

We haven't seen the sun since we arrived home on Friday! It's barely rained, although they're constantly calling for thunder showers. It has been raining though......everything is that St. Patrick's Day green.

I'm slowly bringing some things from the coach to the house and am making some adjustments with our clothes. It didn't take me long to learn that if something needs ironing, it doesn't go in the motor home! I'm looking forward to continuing with my shell crafts but have a few more things to do before I can get busy.

Ed's checking with local people who work on RV air conditioners, furnaces, refrigerators, and transmissions. All of these systems are having problems. An RV NEVER has everything working properly at the same time - this was verified by an RV guy who works on a lot of them. He says they're a work in progress. As someone pointed out, when you think about how much everything jiggles and shakes enroute, it's no wonder things get out of kilter.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Home, Sweet, Home!

We're HOME! We arrived here in Virginia yesterday around noon. Ed's pretty beat from driving and he's moaning about the cool weather. I'm SO glad to see my flowers! I missed the daffodils but the tulips, red buds, and dogwoods are blooming - not to mention a few gazillion weeds.

More later!