Saturday, February 26, 2011

Angelil Ankle Adventures

...or "Bathing with a Bag Lady" 
...or "Contemptible Crutches Take Concentration"

It’s amazing how much a shower can brighten one’s spirits.  I was able to sit on the corner seat in the shower and prop my bagged cast leg on the other corner seat.  It also helped that our shower head is on a long hose that can be hand-held.  

Much to my surprise, there was minimal fussing from my shower assistant, who was also an important feature in this production.  

I should have thought to take a pain pill beforehand..... I plan to do that before I get my cast on Tuesday!  I also hope the pain portion of this ordeal will be over pretty soon.  If I keep the leg still and elevated, it’s not too bad.....moving it and having it down is not so good.

There is a bright side to this....I can’t do dishes, clean or do laundry.  On the other hand, there’s “stuff” on the counters and all around that bothers me.  

When I try to straighten or ask Ed to put something away I’m told that I need to focus on what I’m doing.  (Walking with these contemptible crutches does take concentration.)  

However, later something will come up that I need or had been wanting done and I hear,  “Well, why didn’t you ask for this?” 
EEeerrgh!  MEN!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jumping for Joy - NOT!

We went to Ft. Lauderdale for a few days and stayed with Ed’s sister, Lorraine Barkett and her hubby, Ray.  Had a nice visit and shopped a little. The shopping was not exciting like when we visited from Virginia because we have any store you can think of right here in Port St. Lucie.  
Yesterday I visited Martha and Hib Casselberry, my dear friends.  (We used to live in the same condo.)  Then I had lunch with Marilyn Keating, my special friend for over 30 years.  As we were leaving to visit my friends, I fell as I was taking the one step down into Lorraine’s garage.  My ankle swelled but I went to see my friends anyway.  
We had already planned to come home last night because I wanted to go to lunch with my Red Hatters today.  We decided to stop at the ER to get an X-ray, just to be sure......
Well, my ankle is broken.  I now have a big splint on it from the foot to above my knee.  I had no idea how difficult using crutches would be!  No ladies’ luncheon for me today!  
They put a splint at first to accommodate the swelling.  If they put a cast  on immediately, when the swelling goes down, the cast is too big.  So, I’ll be seeing an Orthopedist in the near future to get a cast. 
Chalk it up as just one of those freak accident/weird happenings.  Needless to say, I won't be jumping for joy any time soon!
P.S.  We were pleasantly surprised and amazed at the ER care at St. Lucie Medical Center.  I was registered, examined, had an  X-ray and got the results within about 20 minutes!

Friday, February 18, 2011

After a 43 Year Wait....The Lettermen!

I missed them at JMU when I was a college coed but I got to enjoy the Lettermen's great show tonight......only 43 years later.
The one original member of the group is Tony Butala, the short guy I'm hugging!

At Last, The Lettermen

I am excited today!  

When I was a senior at JMU, back in the dark ages, I had to make a choice.  Should I go to see my favorite group, The Lettermen, or should I go to Big Meadows on Skyline Drive (where I'd worked that summer) to waitress for the weekend? 

They needed help so badly that they sent a driver 40 miles to pick me up at my dorm on Fridays and bring me back on Sundays.  

Well, my practical side won and, sure enough, I made some good money that weekend.  However, I've suffered all these many years at missing out on that concert.

Well, tonight's the night!  The Lettermen are playing at the theater here at Savanna Club (our retirement community) and we are going!

It was actually a wise choice.....that summer, I made enough to pay my last year of college AND go to Europe the following summer.  

I also learned that I surely wanted to finish college so I wouldn't ever have to be a waitress again.  I had no clue what hard, stressful work it was and I am now a very good tipper.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Hearts for 50 Years

Last night was the Valentine's Party for all the couples who live in Savanna Club who are celebrating their 50th Anniversary this year.  Each couple was allowed to have several guests and we were honored to be invited by Bobbie and Ron Steinberg.
(Click on each photo for a larger version.)
Each of the eight couples was introduced to the group.
 I noticed that there was an EXIT sign right behind the entry arch - but it seems a bit late for that, huh?
Bobbie, doing her thing -- as usual!
Ron put his best "SHINY" foot forward!
A toast to 50 good years and 50 more!
Ed and I are celebrating over 8 years of wedded bliss.

George and Sheila Soto were at our table.
Also, Aggie and Joe Hill.
The first dance.....
A "wedding" cake for the eight honored couples.

Happy 50th Anniversary, Bobbie and Ron!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Family and Friends Gather after Mom's Funeral

After the Celebration and the Graveside Services, family and close friends gathered in the church's social hall to share a meal.  This delicious meal was prepared by the ladies of the church.
(You may click on each photo for a larger version.)

Levi, Phil, & Maribeth May; Anita, Ellen, Duane, April, & Paul Krull; Mary May & Ed Angelil

Fran's Firstborn
Mary May and her husband, Edmond Angelil
Fran's Middle Child

   Anita May Krull and her husband, Paul Krull

The Baby of the Bunch
Philip Freeman May with his wife, Maribeth May

Ellen Krull, April Krull, Levi Walker May, and Duane Krull
Phil May, Anita Krull, MaryMay Angelil,
Stashia Kline, Patty Golightly, Bill May
 We six Mays were so blessed.  We lived near each other and we each had our own built in playmate
(Stashia & Mary, Patty & Anita, and Bill & Phil)

Philip May, Anita Krull, Bill Freeman, Mary May Angelil, and Bobz Freeman

Maribeth May and Marilyn Freeman

Bill and Corty Freeman with Phil May
Becky and Bill May
(Becky sang at Mom's Homegoing Service and for many years, Bill cleared her driveway when it showed.)

Childhood Friends Meet Again
Ellen Krull, Susanna Koogler (a neighbor),
Levi May, April Krull
Caregivers Who Really Cared
Faith & Jonathan Histand, Shelley McDonough

The Rhodes Family 
Rented Mom's farm for years and helped her in many ways.
Cheri, Linden, Christie, Lorena
(Morgan & Grant were at home milking the cows.)

Close family friends for many years.
Aldeen and Eugene Wenger
This Post could go on and on because our lives were touched by so many wonderful, supportive people.  To everyone, we say, "Thank you!"

 This is a special church where Fran worshiped and served.  We share many memories with our family and our church family, as we learn to live as God would want us to live.