Saturday, January 24, 2015

Costume Closet

Someone told me that when you move to Savanna Club, my 55+ retirement community in Florida, you almost need a costume closet!  I have found that to be so..... It's fun playing "dress up!"

Going to a hoedown is a good chance to wear the denim jacket that my Aunt Mary gave me.  I admired it every year when I went to visit her and I think of her when I wear it! 
The name of my Circle in the United Methodist Women is Lydia.  I portrayed her in a Mother's Day service in church.
The Red Hat Society is a fun place to play Dress Up.  My red and purple clothes warrant a special section in my guest room closet.  Thrift shopping is a great place to find red and purple "stuff."  
Speaking of red and purple stuff.....last year I went on a Red Hat cruise.  That was a great reason to shop all year in preparation!  As usual, I plan out my outfits before I pack.
 Can you find MM?
(You can click on the pic to enlarge it.)
 This skirt and blouse came from one of my many trips to Mexico.
My brother and sister-in-law sent this beautifully made Oriental dress to Mother when they were living in the Philippines.
The Women's Club luncheon at our Women's Club was an excuse for glitter galore! 
I've always wanted to wear a "glitter" outfit.

My neighbor and I had fun wearing our matching Mrs. Santa tee shirts to attend a show at our theater.
 A Florida version of a Christmas shirt!

Between the teacher gene and the little girl's dressing-up tendency a Costume Closet is a natural for this retired gal.  

Mother had read that it's good to keep a "childlike enthusiasm" for life.  A costume closet surely adds a way to express enthusiasm and a glittering sparkle in one's Senior years!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Great Prize - Great Dinner

At the December Women's Club Luncheon I won a gift certificate for Mandie's Catering for $100!!  It came with 4 sheets of choices.  I saw platters of appetizers for 15-20 people...I don't think 20 people would fit into my Florida house.  My friend, Norma, studied the papers and approached it from a different angle.

The caterer, Tim Tate, obviously takes pride in his work.  He came to my house and we planned the menu together.  He made beef burgundy, chicken with wine and mushrooms, blackened dolphin, wild rice, Au-gratin potatoes, zucchini and yellow squash with onions, glazed carrots, salad, rolls, coffee, and cheesecake!  (Normally, $19.95 per person and well worth it!!!)

Last evening I had a lovely dinner party for 3 of my new neighbors and of course, Norma.   Tim Tate ran a bit late because the driver he had set up didn't work out.  So Tim cooked AND delivered the food to us and 3 parties before us.  We passed the short wait in the Florida room with my invented piƱa colada punch.
 Vickie Peterson, MaryMay Angelil,
Jane Pinson, Norma Pennie, Denise Calise
I have been wanting to entertain but could never get myself in gear so this is my answer!  We ate quite well and had a wonderful time together.  Everything he made was delicious and we had tons of leftovers. 
This turned out to be a fantastic prize for me!  New friends, good food, with almost no work.   What a painless way to entertain!!