Saturday, October 18, 2014

Light in My Hallway

Every time I walked through my house in Florida, I was bothered by the dark area I passed through near my front door.  I decided to do something about it and, on a friend's recommendation, called All Sunshine Skylights to install a Solatube.

It's a strange feeling to see a man punching a hole into your roof!
 Then he started pulling out insulation (which he later put back).
  A clever way to catch debris while  he works from the top.

Up he goes with top piece of tube in hand.

Solatube all finished.

You can see by the picture on the truck what was done.  Much to my amazement, this was finished in less than an hour and a half!
  Plus, it meets all the hurricane codes and is guaranteed not to leak.

Ta Da, my favorite part is the before and after!!!
It took me a while not to feel like I should turn a light off.   Yay for Solatube!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Friends-Since-First-Grade Frolic

How many people can say they've kept up with friends that they knew in first grade?

Lois, Sarah, Bunny and I were friends since first grade.  Dee and Lana joined us in 8th grade. (A few other gals couldn't make it).

Front Row - Lois Brown Horne, Mary May Angelil, (missing Bunny Spangler Turner)
2nd Row - Dee Sellers, Sarah Swank Kastendick, Lana Turner Hartman

We had an all day "par-tay" starting with brunch, a walk, a tour of Sarah's gardens, and Sarah's hubby, John, cooked us hamburgers for an early dinner.   Thank you, Sarah and John, for hosting this great group.

I'm not always a big game player but we played a game called Catch Phrase and we laughed so hard!  (You know it was easy if I could play it!)   
Never discount the importance and value of Christmas cards, emails, and a few gatherings along the way to keep relationships alive.