Sunday, June 9, 2013

Celebration of Graduation

The Foersters have been our dear friends for years and we shared many holidays with them  Today I felt honored to be invited to the party for Emma's graduation from high school  
Mrs. Angelil (they always call me that and I love it!)  with Claire and Emma Foerster --- her girls!

Special Friends --- Robert, Claire, Emma, and Beth Foerster with MaryMay Angelil.  

Claire is studying Criminal Justice at VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University) in Richmond and Emma will be studying art at Bridgewater College this fall.  Congratulations on great accomplishments by two smart girls with two very smart parents!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My Birthday at Bar-B-Q Ranch

I thought I was going to be alone for my birthday today but my cousin, Stashia May Kline, saved the day when she invited me to lunch.  My brother, Philip May, unexpectedly  joined us but I forgot to take a photo including him. 
I prefer to eat at local places wherever I am so after racking our brains, we remembered the Bar-B-Q Ranch.   
This place has been there about as long as I've been alive so it's an appropriate place to celebrate my birthday.
Barbeque, fried chicken, fried pickles, sweet potato sticks, and reasonable prices are still there.  It even looks the same, inside and out.....ambiance, not exactly, memories, YES!

They're also known for their collections of thousands of porcelain pigs.  They used to have those little speakers but will still provide curbside service if you turn on your headlights and blow your horn.  How quaint is that!
MaryMay Angelil and Stashia Kline sitting on a pig (bench).

Happy birthday to me, myself and I at the Bar-B-Q Ranch in Harrisonburg, Virginia!  (No I don't get a kick-back for this blog post!)

p.s.  I really appreciate all the cards, calls, FB wishes and email cards!!  Thank you!