Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bodacious Blanche is Baffled

Hi, my name is Blanche Deveroux (a Cornish Rex) and I was named after the flirty character on the TV show, The Golden Girls.  I pretty much live up to my name and "my people" say I'm bouncy, bubbly, blissful and a blue-eyed blessing to them. 

Actually, sometimes I feel like sitting in the corner and crying because my fellow cat, Pepper, will simply NOT be my friend.  I've tried everything -- I gently head-butt her, lick her head, and even fall down on my back in front of her as I try to get her attention and show my humility. 

She just hisses, growls, and bats at me.  I've been in the household for FOUR 4 seems Pepper would get the hint that I'm not leaving and would at least be civil to me.
At one point I thought I was making progress because Pepper didn't run away -- but she wouldn't let me inside the blanket with her.  Another day, I REALLY thought things were better but that was short-lived.

One cool morning, Mom was surprised to find us both in the cubicle.  See how humble I am?

Pepper started licking me and I thought,  "Oh, boy, progress!"  Then two seconds later she started biting my ear and hissing.

Sigh......oh well, my new mom and dad are really nice and I know that they're my friends and are always available to pet me.  Dad is the one I hang out with the most because he sits still and reads a lot during the day.  Mom is always outside doing her thing with her flowers.
We wake up together and read the paper online.  
 Dad's such a pushover - just schmooze a little and he's my friend forever!
I can't complain all that much because I have good people but I still have high hopes that one of these days Pepper will be my friend, too.  
I'll just continue to find my way through each day and hope I'll have a better report next time.

A mystery to me:
  They have these wonderful and lovely big white water fountains... but always seem to be closing the tops on them.  I wonder why?

A mystery to Mom:  Mom wonders why she finds little paw prints on her toilet seat if she forgets to put the lid down?

Friday, August 20, 2010

Cheri, My Sweet Helper

The weeds got ahead of me during my 3 weeks of other activities (a week in Texas, a week with Ed's son and family, and a week with my brother and family).  I was rather overwhelmed and came up with a great solution.  

I hired someone to help me weed!  This "weeder" isn't just anyone.  This is someone special who became my friend and I looked forward to our weeding/planting sessions.  

Cheri, is 12 years going on 40 (meaning she's wise beyond her years), and she's the daughter of the family who rents Mother's farm.  She's very outgoing, knowledgeable, and natural.

She's quite a worker and was a joy to be with.
Her brother, Grant, mows our field several times each summer.
(Ed has stuck to his guns to have landscaping and mulch near the house and to treat the rest of the 2 acres as a field, NOT a lawn.)
Too bad that school will be taking away my Cheri!  Mmnn, I wonder how her Saturdays are looking?

I really, really like Cheri's mom, Christie, a gal who loves flowers as much as I do.  I've said for a while that Christi's my adopted daughter.  So, I guess that means that Cheri is now my adopted granddaughter and she loves flowers, too!