Friday, December 26, 2008

Unusual Christmas Day

Christmas Day was unusual this year. Ed's son had invited us for breakfast and then they would come over to see our RV. I was really looking forward to it - got up early and got my hair washed. We left about 9 - drove about 100 feet and Ed stopped abruptly, got out and started moaning. The rear passenger's side tire was flatter than a pancake. So, we got "ye ole guidebook" and commenced to try to change it. Things were soon complicated by the fact that the tailgate doesn't go down, thanks to my wreck.

Ed remembered that we have Roadcare Service. He went in to call the 800 number and had me call Steve to postpone our breakfast till another day. I thought it would be a long wait....who would come out on Christmas morning? Within 45 minutes the young man was there and found what we had - the tailgate won't go down. He discovered a screw in the tire so fixed that and we were good to go. I called Steve but they were taking the breakfast over to his mom's house.

Maybe that was just as well......when we went inside, Ed reclined in his chair and asked me to bring me an anti-nausea pill. He took that and slept. The rest of the day he napped and rested, so it was probably better that things worked out to postpone breakfast. This was the only reaction that he had from his chemo on Tuesday.

We went to Lorraine and Ray Barkett's (Ed's sis) at 5 pm. I'm starting to feel more comfortable as I get to know his family members and they get to know me. Ray has 3 brothers and they celebrate all the holidays together. Several people had colds and, even though they stayed away from us, we woke up the next morning and both of us felt bad. Nyquil is a wondeful invention.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

We've figured out that people retire so they have time to make all their medical appointments! Ed is having chemo right now. He sent me to his sister's house so I can get on the internet and pay some bills. He'll have chemo again next Wednesday, then a Cat scan to see if there's improvement.

The Yacht Haven RV Resort, where we are, has no internet access and the roads are awful. We're pretty far into the park with docks on both sides - it's nice to watch the boats but that doesn't replace the internet. On Jan. 1 we're moving to Paradise Island Resort, which is north of us but still near I95. Two of our dive buddies, Chris and are there for the winter and they run the place several days a week in exchange for their RV space. We're booked in there till Jan. 30th - will have to move several times because they don't have any one space open. The fellow on duty today worked quite a while to squeeze us in - we're hoping for some cancellations. Moving will be a pain but Ed says it'll give him a chance to practice parking the rig.

We'll plan to be with Ed's son on Christmas and at his sister's on Christmas Day. His brother will come down from Pt. St. Lucie for Christmas Day, too. Ed's loving the warm weather but it's too hot for me - since I'm "at that age" so am a hot-flasher!! Our cat, Pepper, loves it here! She's a Cornish rex so basks in the sun any time she can.

We just got approval to get the Ford Explorer fixed so will go rent a car and hope they fix it quickly. The insurance company has agreed to wait until we move to the west coast of Florida, where there are many more RV "fixers". Ed wants to get out of this city traffic in February, if possible.

Merry Christmas and please do keep in touch. We cherish our family and friends more each day.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Mary Wrecked

Yes, I haven't had a wreck since I was 22 years old! While loading those final things on Sunday morning, I was gently backing up the Ford Explorer. Out of nowhere, it lurched - slamming into the front of the RV - lots of damage to both RV and car but they are still usable. I sobbed, cried, blubbered, wailed, and wept the rest of the morning. Now we have all the details deal with for the insurance company.

We're in Ft. Lauderdale - things are hectic getting Ed into an oncologist and all the paperwork involved. His sister got her doctor friend to recommend someone and Ed just got an appointment for Tuesday morning. Please pray that the chemo already completed in Virginia has shrunk the tumors and more treatments will "kill" the lung cancer. Ed is feeling fine - no symptoms except for some fatigue.

I love the location of our campground - I 95 & State Road 84 BUT there's no internet access at all. Instead of the $800 a month, since we arrived in the middle of the month we have to pay $1,000.00 for 2 weeks!! We're going to see Paradise Island RV Resort the place that my dive buddies, Jim and Chris Guld, run in the winter and hope they might have a spot. If not, we'll have to shop around.

On the bright side:
We stopped in Jacksonville and visited my wonderful (step) grandchildren. Jon is almost 22, Samantha is 17, and Daniel is 13. They are delightful kids and it was great to see them. We stopped in Port St. Lucie and spent the night in the driveway across the street (no one lives there) from Ed's brother, George. We went out to eat with George and Kay and took showers at their house. Ah..... the beauty of RV life - we got to sleep in our own bed. Last evening, we met Ed's son, Steve, for dinner. We enjoyed seeing Lorraine (Ed's daughter-in-law) and his grandson, Sean, who is now 4 1/2 years old. He's such a beautiful child and behaved very nicely as he sat by Grandpa Ed.

Ed's sister, Lorraine Barkett, lives about 5 miles from our RV resort so we come here to get internet access. My time on email is sporadic but I still like keeping up with you, so keep those messages coming, OK?

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

With love,
Edmond, MaryMay,
and Pepper (our Cornish rex kitty, who is loving her big RV adventure!)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Murphy's Law


Ed and I are frantically trying to get ready to leave for Florida on Sunday morning. Between trying to get our house and Mother’s set with light timers that work, canceling cable, putting phone “on vacation”, and other such things, we’re scrambling.

Murphy’s Law in playing right in here. For example, to cancel cable for Mother, Ed went in to Comcast's office (Trip 1) but they had to see my Power of Attorney. He went back in with the Power of Attorney (Trip 2). They said he doesn't look like a Mary and that Mary has to come in. Mary went in with the %^#&!! Power of Attorney papers (Trip 3). They have to have the cable box, remote, and cord (Trip 4). Then they have to have Phil’s address to send the refund check (5th trip - by phone). Each item on our check-off list seems to have complications like this. Keeps life interesting, doesn't it?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ed Might Catch More ZZZzz's!

Yeah, he should sleep better because I won't be snoring erratically; he'll just have the consistant white noise from my machine. Today was the day - I got my CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine. I have severe sleep apnea when I am on my back and my oxygen level drops a lot.

My second night at the sleep center I slept with a CPAP machine to be sure it's the best choice for me. To make it slightly more complicated, after I was halfway asleep, the technician came in and said that every time I started to doze, my mouth dropped open. So, he put a chin strap that goes up over my head to hold my trap shut.

I had no idea what I was getting in for. Assembling the machine, filling the built in humidifier with distilled water nightly, and washing parts of the machine daily, etc,etc. seem overwhelming at this point. It took the American HomePatient Medical Supply Company (the Sleep Center sent me to a national company so I can do my follow-ups in Florida) 2 hours to teach me what to do and another half hour to sign, sign, sign, and sign more papers for insurance.

Here's the tricky part - I heard people at the Sleep Center talk about "downloading" and had no idea what that meant. Ah, ha, someone stayed up late at night to design this system! There is a little card that you put into the machine periodically and you have to go to American HomePatient for them to download it into their system. There is no fudging on this - it will tell them every minute, day, and setting that I used the machine. If you don't go for your downloads and/or don't use the machine faithfully, the coverage will end. What pressure!! I hope I can figure all this out! Nighty, night!

Two weeks later:
This is how I look at night but Ed doesn't see me in the dark and he's sleeping well. I have gotten used to it and am sleeping better. This is so embarrassing but you need a laugh for the today so here goes nothing......

Sunday, December 7, 2008

She's in Texas - with Dedicated Effort

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Monday, December 1, 2008

Mom Adjusting in Texas - Slowly

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