Friday, August 19, 2016

The County Fair with Levi

It's been awhile since I've posted anything on my blog.  That's because I've been busy "living." 

My 26-year-old nephew, Levi, had invited me to the Rockingham County Fair.  I declined during the afternoon for no other reason than that I had an attack of laziness.  Maribeth, my sister-in-law, laid on the guilt by texting,  "You turned down a date with my boy?  Bad girl!"  I replied that I hoped he would give me a rain check.  He texted,  "Rain check will not be granted."  Even though I knew he was kidding, I decided to get moving and I'm glad I did!

A first for Levi was a tractor pull.  Although we didn't really understand how this modern version works, we enjoyed watching it for a while.

Levi decided that Aunt Mary should go on a ride.  I was finally talked into the ferris wheel.  That seemed pretty tame until he moved to my side for that ever-famous selfie!  That look in my eyes would be called FEAR!
Fear on the Ferris Wheel!      
It's obvious that I am easy to persuade.....  After the ferris wheel, Levi decided that I simply MUST go on one more ride because he had tickets left.  I looked around, frantically trying to choose the tamest one.
More Fear.  I checked to be sure the emergency squad was nearby.
Yes, it was scary but I was slightly reassured when we got on the second row and these metal seat belts/bars were locked in by the operator.  After the initial drop, it was bearable.  As we got off, I was relieved to know that Levi was out of tickets.  I also knew why he wanted to do the rides BEFORE we ate!!!

One big reason Levi wanted to go to the fair was for funnel cake.  I had told him that I only wanted a taste of his but I was glad I got one of my own! It was one of those:   "Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we may diet!" evenings.
A Sinful Supper
I'm glad I fought the lazy feeling and went to the fair.  Levi, thank you for challenging your aunt and thanks for a delightful evening!