Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Skunk Scored

I was coming down the hill, almost to my driveway, when my headlights caught something, which I saw out of the corner of my eye.   It was a  skunk!!! 

I knew I didn't hit him because there was no "klunk of a skunk."  By the time I reached the top of my driveway, I knew that, even though I didn't hit him, I had made him MAD!  Oh, what a smell!!!

I left the car outside for the night but that didn't help much.  I drove to and from Charlottesville (60 miles one way) mostly in the rain the next morning.....  Do you think it helped?  Not much!

Someone stopped by the next day to visit and, with watering eyes, suggested I leave the car outside in the sun.  After the whole afternoon in the hot sun with the doors and windows open, there was a slight improvement.
I would definitely say it was one point for the skunk!  He scored, for sure!