Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April First Fun

This little "adventure" came to mind this April Fool's Day.

In the early 1970's I was teaching first grade on Ft. Buchanan, an army base in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  My principal was trying an experimental program where the boys and girls were in different classes for first grade.  This was based on the fact that many girls are more mature and make the boys lose confidence.  By having all boys, the teachers could gear bulletin boards, games, etc. on football and other boyish interests.  (Some mother protested it using some amendment so classes had to be combined.)  Anyway..... on with my adventure.

I had a boy who had major temper tantrums.  It was set up that when a tantrum started, I called on the speaker and my principal, Mr. Corbin, came and took the child out immediately.

One year on April first, I told my boys about the day.  The boy who was known for the tantrums started yelling so it came through on the speaker.  Mr. Corbin came immediately and when he entered the room, we all yelled , "April Fool."  Mr. Corbin was a unique person and I never found out his reaction.  But I can tell you that my students and I got quite a kick out of our April First Fun!

Here I am with one of the classes during the experiment. (I was a traveling music teacher that year....I played a record player really well!)