Friday, June 6, 2014

Driving Ms. MaryMay

MaryMay cannot manage driving the 900 miles to Virginia and back to Florida.  So, I fly someone down to drive me back or vice versa.  For the driver, it's a nice free trip for a tiny vacation!  This year I flew in Levi May, my 24 year old nephew who just finished graduate school at Old Mississippi.  We had fun playing a bit in Florida and Levi helped me close up the house.
Much to my surprise we left promptly at 6:15 a.m.  Levi was motivated to leave early because he had a chance to see his cousin, Lauren, who who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Having the kitty cats makes the trip a little more complicated.  We have learned that driving straight through is just too difficult.  I've also learned to find a pet-friendly motel where you can back the car right up to your door.  Once Pepper gets through her round of carsickness, I let both cats out of their carriers.  They ride quite well, sleeping on "Mommy's" lap.

Levi had come to drive me up two years ago and was
excited that he found his Peach World again!  He bought some fresh peaches and some jam for his dad.   I was impressed that he could take such a good "selfie" photo!

My next challenge is to find someone to drive me back to Florida in the fall.  However I've learned not to stress over it because I've managed to find someone willing to "Drive Ms. MaryMay!"