Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Wings Won --- Levi Lost

My nephew Levi, a friend, and I went to a local wings place called Billy Jacks Wing Shack in Harrisonburg, VA.  Levi wanted to try the wing-eating contest so he could win a free tee shirt.  All the way to town, he kept talking about how pain is only temporary and he had done it before.

What an experience he had and we'll be laughing about it forever.  You have to eat 6 wings within 6 minutes, then wait 6 minutes before you take a drink of anything.

They told us that people have had to go to the hospital and some have passed out so signing a waiver was required.  You will also note the rubber gloves to be worn when handling the wings. 

First, Levi got some napkins ready.  The last time he made the mistake of touching his eye and suffered greatly from the hot sauce.

OK, let the games begin! The timekeeper started the clock. Doesn't Levi look confident and determined?  

My friend, Jay,took 2 bites and had to quit!

Young Levi dug in.....
 Then the heat started getting to him and the tears began to stream down his cheeks...
After the third wing, the truth set in that he simply could not take it any more!
 Poor Levi.......the HOT wings won.  He even used napkins to wipe his teeth and mouth as he sought relief.  He suffered the rest of the night with burning lips and an upset stomach.  Thankfully, he was able to laugh about the whole ordeal! 

(Ah, weren't those the days when we were young and foolish....and all for a FREE tee shirt?)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Pressure's On

My brother, Phil May, decided my decks needed pressure washing.  He did my front porch but we could see that all that looking down aggravated some neck surgery he had a few years ago.

The next morning, I stepped out onto the deck see if I might be able to help.  I couldn't start the gas powered washer but I could run the wand.   How could it be so easy for Phil to start it --- it's that male brute force that helps!

I  was in my housecoat but decided I was already wet so would continue working for "just a short while."  Little did I know that Maribeth, my sister-in-law, and I would work the rest of the day on this.  

I'm going to embarrass myself here but will tell you anyway.  My cousin, Bill May, is the grand master of turning the most mundane event into a MAJOR Paul Bunyan tale.  He gave this account of the day:  "I stopped by in the morning, and there was Mary, pressure washing in her nightgown.  Later, I stopped by and not only was she still in her nightgown, she had added a sweatband.  At least it was color coordinated with her nightgown."  Bill, that was a housecoat, not a nightgown!

Maribeth was quite a trooper.

The deck hadn't been cleaned in a few years and needed it!

The next day I dressed appropriately for the job.  The third day, I got smart and wore my rubber knee boots rather than standing there in wet shoes.

The sealer will follow but not yet because it seems to shower every of these days we'll get 'er dun! 

Thank you, Phil and Maribeth for all your hard work and for putting on the pressure!