Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Levi Leaves for Europe

Well, today was the 23-year-old nephew, Levi Walker May, left for 55 days in ten countries in Europe.  I was honored that he allowed me to share my extensive travel experience with him and that he listened to almost all my suggestions.  He was determined to take only one backpack (impossible for a female!) and much to my amazement, he did it. 

Oh, how I wish we'd taken a photo of all his items laid out on the coffee table and the steps we took to fit everything in.  It was with much finesse that we brainstormed, culled, and got things packed in an orderly fashion.   

Unfortunately, it was too large to be a carry-on.  His dad, Phil May, suggested adding Velcro bands to make sure that all the backpack straps didn't get caught on conveyor belts. 
  Measuring the Velcro
Oh, no, the Velcro stuck too soon.  That stuff is STRONG and didn't come with an undo button!
The famous Velcro bands securing 
the backpack cover.

I was impressed at the spreadsheets, etc. he had made for his trip itinerary and documents.  He's flying to Dublin, where he'll meet 2 buddies.  They'll be flying to Amsterdam, where they'll join their bus tour of 5 countries.  He'll then be going to Norway, Turkey, and Greece.  His final step is a two-week graduate course in England.  
Aunt Mary, Levi, and his mom, Maribeth,
at Reagan National Airport

Bon voyage, Levi! (I hope he will heed our warnings about safety.  He can be such a trusting soul sometimes!)